Photography is all about rendering one’s vision into tangible form.


This simple statement kickstarted my dream for my ideal workplace: behind the camera. I also believe that a visual creator’s job is to construct, subjectively, the client’s idea into a palpable final product that is full of stories.

My name is Alexandru Nicusor Matei (or Alex, for short) and I am a photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. Since my educational background is Philology and Journalism, with a pinch of theatre, I think that great images mean visual storytelling.

Without further ado, here are some facts about me:

  • I can do: photojournalism, food, product, events, fashion, automotive, travel/architectural and industrial photography; graphic design; video and video editing.
  • I love: anime; psychological and SF books; black tea with milk; rice with poached eggs and seaweed; whiskey, gin and rum; trains.
  • I can’t live without: my camera; computer/laptop with editing software; music; my girlfriend; putting myself in awkward situations.
  • I can live without (but I need it): my phone (if I have a separate media player); sunscreen (I’m allergic to the summer sun).
  • My hobbies are: making music; writing poetry and stories; cooking; taking stuff apart and trying to fix it; petting cats, dogs, birds and fish.
  • I’d rather not be around: roaches; horror movies; open electrical wires.

If you believe that I cand help you with the project you have, shoot me a message so we can get everything started.

Based in Bucharest, Romania, available for travel.

EMAIL: [email protected]

INSTAGRAM: @xander.pictures

FACEBOOK: xander.pictures.page