Videos made by me


Mc Donald’s Romania – pay with a kiss

Valentine’s day campaign

Filmed and edited by me. Campaign idea by The Tribe Agency.

Edit in: DaVinci and Adobe After Effects

REgain LIFE – Anti-tuberculosis campaign

Video subtitled in ENGLISH

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the interviewees and/or authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CPSS, RAA Foundation and GFATM.


CAMERAMAN : Alexandru Matei
REPORTER : Nicoleta Lazăr
PHOTO/VIDEO EDITORS : Nicoleta Lazăr & Alexandru Matei
MUSIC MADE BY : Alexandru Matei

Social campaign to aid international awareness about rapes in Romania.

Romanian version: http://youtu.be/mrP6_1xJK64

Campaign started as a private project after an acquaintance was raped in plain daylight in a park in Bucharest.

The script, film, edit and sound effects were done by me. Big thank you to the actors!

Be safe and keep your fellow citizens safe. Call the emergency number whenever you feel someone might be in danger. (112 in EU)

side-note: during the shooting of this video, NOBODY bothered to see why a woman was screaming and crying. The rape was filmed in an alley, near a populated area of the city centre.
After almost 2 hours, a young lady (handicapped) with her dog, came rushing to see what was going on. She was the only one to react…

BMW M235i – Tratamentul

Video made with and for auto23.ro. Script by Bogdan David (driver). Filming, editing and music done by myself.